Eating like a Vegetarian in Meat-Centric Romania {FIXED}

Growing up I’d often comment on how it would be impossible for me to become a vegetarian (or—gasp!—a vegan) with my family dynamic. As far as I knew, Romanians were meat lovers. The more meat, the better. ALL THE MEATS. From the parts you know are edible—like pork chops or chicken breast—to those that tend to be avoided—hooves, tongues, delicious fried fat nuggets.

Long story short, we love animals and the nourishment they provide. Pork is the most prized (and popular) meat in Romania, closely followed by chicken and lastly beef. Kind of the opposite of what we favor here in the US. But this blog post isn’t supposed to talk about meat. It’s meant to talk about your options when you don’t Backpack Me eat meat. That’s why I was thrilled to stumble upon ‘s blog post on eating like a vegetarian when visiting Romania. That’s why I reached out to Ashray and Zara to see if they’d be kind enough to let me share their post with you. (Hint: they were.) And I’m excited to do so, today! Though it proves my childhood wrong, here’s How To Eat Vegetarian Like a Local In Romania.

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How To Eat Vegetarian Like a Local In Romania

Romanian cuisine is quite meat oriented. Yet, surprisingly, it is fairly easy for vegetarians and even vegans to eat local food all over the country. Sounds contradictory, right? Allow me to explain…

Romanians tend to rejoice with traditional dishes such as Sarmale (cabbage rolls stuffed with ground meat), Ciorba de burtă (tripe soup) and Mici (similar to kebabs). Luckily for those seeking plant-based foods while traveling around here, Romanians are also rather religious. Following the Eastern Orthodox church principles, the more traditional folks “fast” twice a week. While they don’t literally starve themselves, they do something similar to Lent, that is, abstain from animal products. To cater to those who are fasting, restaurants, cafes and bakeries make available de post dishes and products. While they certainly do not make up the majority of the menu, these vegan items will make it easier for vegetarians and vegans to not only eat well while traveling in Romania, but to still try some of the typical local food.

There are several vegetarian and vegan restaurants in major cities across Romania. In those, you’ll be able to find dishes with international influences. But in Romanian restaurants and less specialized establishments, the main plant based dishes you’ll come across include: {CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING}

Many of these dishes featured on Backpack Me will be covered in future recipes, to make sure you sign up for my mailing list so you don’t miss out. And hundreds of thank you’s to Ashray and Zara for allowing me to share their blog post. Happy eating and travels!

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