Let’s Talk About Dracula {Prelude}

Let's Talk About Dracula | From Dill To Dracula www.FromDillToDracula.com

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This is a prelude for my soon-to-come Let’s Talk About Dracula series (those who know me knew this had to be coming soon. I’m kind of obsessed with vampires). Until then, and to get us all in the appropriate frame of mind, I wanted to share some of my favorite memes/gifs/puns having to do with the infamous Vlad the Impaler. I hope these haven’t been circulated too well on the world wide web because they’re really best enjoyed the first time around.

Please let me introduce you to Vlad Drăculea, Prinţ de Wallachia, Casa lui Drăculești, etcetera, etcetera.
(Thank goodness we aren’t named like this anymore!)

Vlad Tepes | From Dill To Dracula www.FromDillToDracula.com

That’s Vlad. Good ol’ Vlad. And this is his most iconic and recognizable portrait. Look again, and you’ll see a different Vlad. Did you see it? If not, give it a few seconds . . . and don’t blink.

Vlad Tepes | From Dill To Dracula www.FromDillToDracula.com

But there’s another side of good ol’ Vlad you might not know. Take his love for tomato juice, for instance.
Seems an odd thing for that peasant woman to get so worked up over . . .

Vlad Tepes | From Dill To Dracula www.FromDillToDracula.com

Fun teaser fact: Vlad was married twice (he knew how to spread the love), and had three children.
Yes, that means I’m still holding out for the possibility that I’m a descendant of Dracula.

Vlad Tepes | From Dill To Dracula www.FromDillToDracula.com

This one has to be my favorite, simply because I’m the Queen of PunsTM.
Vlad the Inhaler.
Enough said.

BLANK all the BLANK meme | From Dill To Dracula www.FromDillToDracula.com
Am I missing an awesome Dracula meme?
Please, please, please share it with me in the comments!



  1. I’m so tickled that you included Vlad the Inhaler! The moment you started talking about Dracula memes and had the first GIF, I thought of that one. I sent it to my BF just last week (he uses an inhaler, and we love puns). Your blog is really one of the cutest and most original I’ve seen in a while. So glad you started it! 🙂

    1. Thank you SO much, Carly! I’m glad to hear the Vlad the Inhaler has made more people laugh, and I hope the other ones produced a giggle or two, too/ I’ll try to incorporate more puns into my posts since I’m a huge fan, too, and appreciate when others share in my punny humor. Thanks for the vote of confidence re: the blog! I love what I’m able to do and share with the world.

      If you happen to find any more Vlad puns or memes, you know who to share them with 😉

      Thanks for commenting!

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