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When You Know, You Know

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Today I’m mixing it up, breaking away from the typical culture or recipe posts here on From Dill To Dracula, though I promise Romania is still the thread that ties it all together.

I never made the official announcement here (though, if you follow my personal Twitter or Facebook, you’ve likely seen the postings): one month ago—today!—I signed with my lovely, dream-come-true agent, Mandy Hubbard (Emerald City Literary Agency), for my debut novel One Thousand Stars That Bind. As I’ve mentioned in other blog posts (like herehere and here), One Thousand Stars That Bind is set in Romania, and I’ve tried my hardest to feature the magic beauty and food (so much food!) the country has to offer. My book was one of the big inspirations for starting this blog, too. Now, I have multiple outlets where I’m able to share my culture with those who aren’t familiar with our little Eastern European country.

In celebration of being with my agent for one month, I wanted to share a blog post I had written soon after hitting send on the email that made our partnership official. I plan on an exclusive first look at One Thousand Stars That Bind right here on From Dill To Dracula soon (with Mandy’s blessing, of course). Promise 🙂

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Top 5 Innovative Vampire Novels

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Being a vampire novelist/fan/obsessor, I tend to gravitate towards those types of stories in my reading free time. It has nothing to do with me being Romanian… okay, so it might have something to do with me being Romanian. Vampires are in my blood. Pun absolutely intended. A few years ago I was asked to put together my top five most innovative vampire novels. Since it fits with the folklore of Romania (obviously) I’ve decided to syndicate it.
Also, this GIF is TheBomb{dot}com:

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